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Since 2003 we are supplying all kinds of electrical and electronics components to various industries such as Defence, Industrial, Telecom, Automative & Medical.
MIL 883 Qualified Components, Class K Qualified Components for our defence sector units such as BEL and HAL are supplied by us.
Apart from Defence sector we cater to a verity of industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Aeronautics etc.
NV-SRAM Components, BLE Modules and Radiation Hardened Devices are used in various medical industry, telecom and automotive industry.
With our over 20 years of experience in electrical and electronic components you can be rest assured that you will be provided with a time tested solutions for all your industrial needs.


MIL 883 Qualified, Class K Qualified Components


Radiation Hardened Devices




BLE Modules With Mesh and Zigbee


PCBs, Sensors, Embedded Systems

Techno-Commercial Assistance

With our vast experience and association with leading manufacturers/distributors, you are guaranteed of unmatched support.

Technical Consultancy

Happy to assist you in appropriate component selection and resolving your technical issues, such as obsolete component sourcing.

Design Team

Well equipped lab managed by competent engineers in Electronic (& Embedded) and Mechanical disciplines. We are here to help.

Our Expertise

We are the leading suppliers of electrical and electronic components for the past 19 years to our esteemed clients HAL, BEL, L&T etc.,.

Defence Industry

Trusted Supplier of components to HAL BEL since 2003.

We are the trusted source for electrical & electronical components for HAL, BEL etc., for their aerospace and military devices requirements. Fully certified MIL 883, Class K qualified products.









Automotive Industry

Trusted Supplier For Since 2003

We supply NV-SRAM Components, SRAM, Flash-ROM, DRAM, SDRAM, DDR & DPRAM etc., to industries such as Aerospace, Medical, IT, Machinery etc.,
Found in : CNC Machines, POS Terminals, Networking, Aerospace, Medical Equipment's etc.,









Our dedicated experts to provide you with technical support for all your electrical & electronic component requirements.

Our Specialty

Local Currency Trading
Tailor Made Solutions from Dedicated Experts
Proven Expertise


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