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As the premier global provider of products, services, and solutions, Sudarrshan Tech Services can streamline your design process and get you to market as quickly and efficiently as possible. Assisting you at each stage of your product's development, STS offers unparalleled local engineering expertise and solutions that work across a broad range of applications. Our world-class design services, training, and tools keep your projects on track and accelerate your time-to-market.

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Business Model

business model

Engineering Solutions Center

Our highly experienced technical professionals provide unbiased guidance and system-level analysis on your specific applications. STS FAEs typically have at least 2-3 years of design experienceâ€"several have more than 20 yearsâ€"and they either personally have or can readily access expertise in the same realm as our customers.

To simplify your interactions with STS, your local FAE acts as a single point of contact and enables you to tap into application specialists familiar with your end market. Through this network and from their own design experiences, our FAEs can provide complete architectural solutions, regardless of the complexity of your requirements. We focus on effective use of your time.

Solutions Center

LED lighitng & Solar Solutions We have a full fledged R&D Lab which has all ready developed solutions for Street Lighting, Indoor and Solar Applications
LED Driver & Charger Solutions We have experience in designing the high efficency drivers & power supply using chip vendors PI, TI, Onsemi & NXP, MPPT Charges, Solar Charges
Module Zigbee compact module for oem or the solution
Processor Card solutions absmiddle OMAP or iMx27 series processor cards with preipherals solutions
IP Camera solution Full IP camera Development

absmiddle Media processor DM6467 based or equivalents
Wireless Digital Audio Procession & RF Transmission absmiddle Solution using Aureus DSP TMS320DA708
HD Media Recording & Playback HD - SDI, DVB-Asi input
Using Davinci Dual core SOC & Viretex 5 FPGAHD Media Recording & Playback


Technology & IP

A broad portfolio of technology platforms and IP cores (Intellectual Property) which are licensing to our customers and which are used as the basis for solutions.

1553 Bus IP Fully Validated 1553 Terminals, Xcvrs and IP/FPGA Core Solutions
Standard 1 MHz and Over-Clocked 2MHz and 10MHz 1553 products
Board Products for Test, Simulation and Software Development
Industrial, Military and Full -883 Screening
3.3V Xcvrs/Terminals
Graphics Rendering

IP cores optimized for easy integration into FPGA & Asics

User Interface absmiddle

Guiliani is a C++ software framework enabling creation of visually appealing, platform independent GUI's for embedded system.
HMI Editor

Display Controller absmiddle CDC-200 is a fully customizable display controller IP supporting OpenWF display API specification. A number of features can be configured both at synthesis time and at run time. In this way the display controller can be adapted to both FPGA systems (limited features, special applications) or for an ASIC (generic feature set, more flexibility.)

Design Tools

Cable harnessing Software

Patented Automation and Productivity software for electrical systems design from concept to manufacturing.Comprehensive, embedded DRC (Design Rule Checking) which enables an error free design environment.Includes database of 6,500+ RoHS compliant components, with search and cross-reference capabilities.One button touch automates generation of cable assembly drawings, wire list, nail board, schematic and BOM.Comprehensive front-end integration with ECADs and output integration to 2D and 3D MCADs applications.

Design Services - Associated

STS has association to full spectrum electronics design service company with focus on Solar Power, LED Lighitngs, Wireless and Embedded Graphics as well as System-on-Silicon & FPGA design.